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SEO Giraffe knows what it’s like. It’s a habit most successful business people have. You wake up, yawn, and immediately reach for your phone to check your site’s ranking today on Google – only for your heart to sink when you see your arch enemy is still outranking you.

It’s no way to start the day, is it? You want to be bouncing out of bed with joy at being top of the Google pops, not skulking downstairs in your dressing gown for a coffee that tastes as bitter as your disappointment.

As the day wears on, your mood gets worse. You find yourself compulsively checking your Google rankings all the time – in the pub while with mates, in a restaurant while having a meal out with your family, at your best friend’s Bar Mitzvah and several times during your sister in law’s wedding.

“Maybe it’s time to change SEO company”, you think to yourself – again! Well, SEO Giraffe says enough is enough. Enough listening to Google and their ‘recommended practices.’ Enough listening to endless speeches from self-proclaimed organic SEO ‘experts.’ Enough playing nice!

It’s time for action. It’s time to call on the help of a real superhero. Even if he is of the Giraffe kind. He may not be able to fly through the clouds or walk on walls, but SEO Giraffe will get your site ranking head and shoulder above your competition. It’s time to escape this endless, painful loop. It’s time for results. It’s time to try a no-messing, no spiel, no nonsense company. It’s time to give werankanysite.com a go!

Unlike other SEO providers, werankanysite.com uses a potent, safe and reliable technique that ensures quick and consistent search results. All we ask is that you give us three months while we build momentum, and you’ll discover exactly what we can do for you.

Many of our clients tried all the SEO companies and small business SEO packages out there - whether white hat, grey hat or even black hat – only to receive absolutely zero ROI before coming to us. We’ve turned their business around for them, delivering them the ranking of their dreams.

Here at werankanysite.com, if your site has no pre-existing algorithmic or manual penalties, we will guarantee you results. Yes, so long as your site is well maintained, well coded and clear of any historical issues, we guarantee you will see a healthy increase in rankings regardless to which small business seo package you choose.

We’ve had enough of big businesses dominating the Google rankings. It’s our goal to see small businesses and SMEs taking their rightful place at the top of Google serps.

It’s time to let us help you get there....

It’s time to give Werankanysite.com a go!

How We work...

A detailed list of activities and affordable SEO packages are detailed in the next page.

The real lifeblood of our small – medium business SEO services comes from our experience in the right mixture of content, onsite seo and of course our special sauce links. We have a proven track record of getting some of the most competitive small/medium business SEO phrases right to the top of Google.

We work on a first come first served basis so if you want to rank for Plumber in Basildon for example, and a month later another client approaches us with the same request, we will always give priority to the first client so don’t waste any time claiming your number 1 spot on Google.

Customer case studies

Jonathan – Cleaning Company

Last year my business was struggling to survive. I found it hard to keep staff which had a knock on effect on the business as a whole. Eight months on, we rank top 3 in Google for many cleaning terms… business has tripled.

Chris – Locksmith

I was successful for number of years but gradually work began to decline… my Google rankings were dropping to the second page…the phone was not ringing. Within 3 months of SEO work my callouts had doubled and by 6 months I needed extra staff.

Alex – Waste Removal

My site needed a boost in rankings to give it a kick start. WeRankAnySite.com were brilliant and we now have regular work throughout the London areas despite the competition… No Fuss, Great value, Great results. would recommend.

Phillipa- Surveyor

I had been using PPC for a while…results were mediocre. For a fraction of the PPC budget we tried this company for SEO and are very happy with the results. Queries are now turning into work and we have stopped adwords completely.

1st Page Results in 30 days

Currently 48,767 no 1 Results

No Contracts or Set up Fees

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